Hi everyone! This is admin of onlymtl. Thank you for visiting the website.

I’m an avid programmer and a huge anime fan since way, way, back. I love to read ahead of animes and novels that’s why I’ve decided to make a website to read it.

I can’t wait for unofficial translators to catch up with raw japanese, korean and/or chinese novels and some of translators dropped the series making it not avaliable for avid readers.

What is OnlyMTL?

OnlyMTL as the acronym itself, means only machine translation language (MTL), a website that provides you readable machine translations (?) for light and web, chinese and japanese novels.

Why and when to read machine translation novels?

These are reasons for me, maybe not for others (no hate please):

  • a. When you want to (of course).
  • b. When translators dropped the series (happens a lot).

Copyright of Content

I DO NOT claim the content as it is illegal and disrespectful to the author, publisher of the novel.

If anyone wants to polish the novel, feel free to do so.

This site strictly complies with DMCA